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Imaging system. PetriPi Part II => SPIRO


15 HEC Engineering project



The hardware and electronics layout were optimized on two prototypes designed at the Heidelberg University (main contributors: Alyona Minina, Jonas Ohlsson, Mark Lommel, Jia Xuan Leong).  The system was renamed into SPIRO, Simple Plate Imaging RObot.

Background and preliminary results

We are interested in  tracking plant development, for this we need to image our plants grown in small Petri dishes within a growth cabinet. We established a PetriPi system that can image up to four plates in a single experiment. Our prototype still needs some optimization .

 Hardware layout of the PetriPi system. March 2019

Birds nest v1.jpg

Goals of the project

  • Optimize the design to stabilize the system and minimize it's foot print

  • Design a universal solution to prevent reflections in the plates in cabinets with illumination from the sides or from the top

  • Design a user-friendly solution for focus adjustment


  • Prusa i3 MK3 3D printer is readily available in our group

  • All running costs will be covered by our group. Please provide us with invoices!


  • All hardware and software developed in this project should be available to our group

  • A comprehensive report should be provided by the end of the project.

  • Top grade: the system makes more than 98% of the planned images. The system is redesigned to house the computing hardware inside the rotating cube.  Mounting of raspberry pi computer still allows access to USB/HDMI/Ethernet ports 

  • Medium grade: the system makes  more than 98% of the planned images. A hexagonal stage can be mounted on the system to image up to 6 plates per experiment.

  • Low grade: the system makes  more than 98% of the planned images.


For more information, please contact us

  • Alyona Minina, Ass. Prof.,  Dept. of Mol Sci, SLU e-mail: alena.minina (at)

  • Jonas Ohlsson, PhD student, Dept. of Mol Sci, SLU e-mail: jonas.ohlsson (at)​​

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