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Arabidopsis-optimized microscopy chambers for seedling growth and root imaging




Substack (114-356) zoom-1.gif


ConA rotated.gif

RoPods are plant-optimized chambers with top and bottom made out of microscopy coverslipis. Plants are grown and imaged in the same chamber - no stress! The watertight design allows drug treatments and stress-free long-term time-lapse imaging at low and high magnifications.  Separators and arcs guide root growth into individual channels. 

A. 3D printed RoPod 5 with Arabidopsis seeds plated on 0.5x MS medium.

B. Germination and seedling growth in the chamber shown in A. Images taken using SPIRO.

C. 14h-long confocal microscopy session imaging a root grown in a RoPod chamber. Max. projection of z-stack images acquired every 15 minutes.

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