RoPod is a chamber for growing and imaging Arabidopsis roots

RoPods are printed using PETG plastic and then super-glued to standard 24x60mm microscopy glass.

The chambers are reusable and very robust. 

- Plants are grown and imaged within the same chamber, thus there is no mechanical stress during sample mounting

- Plant growth within RoPod requires very small volume of the medium, thus drug treatment will require small amount of compounds

- RoPods prevents samples from drying up during imaging allowing for long-term time-lapse series.

- Plants are immobilised within the chamber, thus the same plant can be easily  tracked in a RoPod  in multiple imaging sessions

-RoPods allows multiple biological replicates being imaged within the same chamber (up to 20 seedlings in a 1-well RoPod)

-The watertight version of RoPod allows drug treatment in chambers positioned vertically, e.g. 72h of Dex or b-estradiol induction. 

RoPod prototypes:

RoPod prototype 1 

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