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3D-printable tools

Anti-reflection lids for petri plates

  • Printed lids for 12 cm square and 9 cm round Petri plates

  • The lids are used to provide black matte background and eliminate the annoying reflections while imaging seeds and seedlings on Petri plates. They were originally designed for SPIRO  but we also use them for manual imaging

  • It is recommended to use matte black filament and normal white filamentIf matte black filament is not available, lids inner surface can be made matte by implementing ironing function with reduced temperature (200 C for PETG).

  • The lids can be sterilized by exposure to UV light for 30  minutes


Lid for square plates v5.


Lid for round plates v3.

  • The lids are printed in two colors: black for the base and white for the rims (the green first few layers is an optional feature). For printers without a multi-material function use the pause/change filament function.

  • The white rims are designed to reflect light into the plates and reduce shading during seedlings growth

  • The inner flat surface of the lids is made smooth by printing with ironing function (sic! make sure it results in a matte finish when using your filament. If needed, decreasing the nozzle temperature will help to reduce the shiny effect)

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