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Robotic imaging system (RIS)

15 HEC Engineering project

Bookshelf-like layout for the Robotic Imaging System (RIS) has several important benefits:

  1. It has standalone illumination for growth and imaging

  2. Somewhat more stable strategy for picking up plates compared to the previously considered Robotic Arm solution

  3. Imaging is performed under the same illumination conditions, which makes image analysis much more easy

Things left to be done for RIS before it can be implemented:

  1. Fixing the software (the version provided in the report has bugs)

  2. Fixing hardware (rpi4 case, PSU case, motor shield case,  wires covers, printing numbers on plate holders etc.)

  3. Building the cabinet for the robot


  • Prusa i3 MK3 3D printer is readily available in our group

  • All running costs will be covered by our group. Please provide us with invoices!


  • All hardware and software developed in this project should be available to our group

  • A comprehensive report should be provided by the end of the project.

  • Top grade: the robot makes at least 90% of the planned images and has a user-friendly interface for coordinates input

  • Medium grade:the robot makes at least 90% of the planned images

  • Low grade: the Parkinson's-like tremor is cured


For more information, please contact us

  • Alyona Minina, Ass. Prof.,  Dept. of Mol Sci, SLU e-mail: alena.minina (at)

  • Jonas Ohlsson, PhD student, Dept. of Mol Sci, SLU e-mail: jonas.ohlsson (at)​​

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