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3D-printable tools

Holder for vertical Petri plates

  • The holder is designed to keep vertically Petri plates, we need it to grow Arabidopsis seedlings on the surface of the medium.

  • The holder is compatible with the standard 12cm square or 9 cm round Petri plates

  • The holder has a watertight reservoir under each plate to collect liquid in case of a leak

  • Holders copies interlock with each other to minimize their cumulative footprint, keep seedlings illumination even and reduce the chaos in the growth cabinets

  • The holders are best printed with supports everywehere, although they are very annoying to remove


v3. Has holes all over the model to save plastic and reinforce construction. Printing in different colors was added by using "change filament" option in Prusa Slic3r v2.3.0

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